On January  21st 2021,  LSEC and  some of its European partners (Pole SCS (FR), Systematic Paris Region (FR), HSD (NL), Cluster SAFE (FR),  L3CE (LT), CenSec (DK) and FundingBox (PL)) announced the SecurIT-project to be started in the fall of 2021.

SecurIT vision is to create a new global competitive security industrial (& service) value chain thus contributing to structure this emerging sector in Europe by providing key and integrated services in all steps of solution maturity, addressing all technological, ethical, legal and societal challenges of the security industries & services as a whole.

SecurIT is a project awarded to LSEC and partners under the European Commission INNOSUP-01-20 program, a Financial Support for Third Parties (FSTP – or cascade funding) program for nearly 4 million EUR to support innovation in security (both physical and cybersecurity, and cyberphysical security) and ensuring a faster go to market on important innovative and breakthrough ideas. 

The project was awarded after a competition under the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme, part of the work programma Innovation in small and medium-sized enterprise under the call “For a better innovation support to SMEs” (H2020-INNSUP-2018-2020), after a two sExpertisee evaluation process. 

Cooperation among industry, governmental organisations and knowledge institutions is required to stimulate collaboration, facilitate co-investment in key facilities, establish contact with end users, steer innovations towards the user’s needs and enable the valorisation of research. However, the three pillars of research – collaboration, valorisation and innovation – remain a significant challenge, thus leading to non-optimal uptake of results, duplication and missed opportunities to accelerate innovation. The concept of innovation is to provide new technologies to end users and better value for money for public investments in order to generate economies of scale. Therefore, there is an onus on security suppliers to be compliant to many different types of constraints (regulations and legislations).

With this project LSEC aims to strenghten the industrial leadership in CyberSecurity and Data Protection technologies and services in the EU Member States; as it has always been driving innovation and development throughout its membership. LSEC has also been awarded support to the recent VLAIO (Flemish Government) Innovation projects with the industry under the CS-AI ICON-program, and COOCK innovation support program together with other industrial and research partners; totalling industrial innovation in Flanders for nearly 5 million EUR in the next two years. 

LSEC will continue to support the innovative European CyberSecurity companies direct with funding, advisory and goto-market insights; working closely with its 470+ industrial strategic members and its end-user industry relations of over 15.000 enterprise and government organisations. LSEC will continue challenging and inspiring both toward the future industrial cybersecurity and privacy requirement, throughout all vertical sectors including finance, insurance, transport, media, manufacturing, ict, logistics, food, pharma, petrochemical, automotive, education, health, government, …  

Find out more about SECURIT in the respective SecurIT pages or the SecurIT project website or via email at SECURIT.INNOSUP at lsec.eu.



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