Corporate members of LSEC are security stakeholders from enterprise and government (‘end- users’), that are looking for a single point of entry to a unique geographical concentration of e- security expertise and research capabilities; and that want to increase their influence on new product developments and IT- Security Research Agenda’s. They would also be interested in LSEC’s support for training & awareness activities, and ensure that their employees on top of their game.

LSEC provides a vendor – neutral point of entry for enterprise & government, looking for security knowledge, products and services. Constantly evaluating security challenges and solutions, LSEC continues to be the link between suppliers offering their services and companies looking for solutions. For ‘corporate members’, LSEC facilitates Round Table Sessions on specific security challenges and provides an independent repository of security specialized companies. In some occasions, LSEC may invite companies to participate in user groups, and influence current – future research and product developments.

Join our growing network today. Individual Membership is free of charge and will provide you with access to the restricted area of our website and most of our security events and seminars! We will send you more information about the other types of organisations – membership to evaluate.