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[workshop] Threat Modelling

September 5 @ 9:30 am - 5:30 pm

During this workshop limited to 30 person max, we’ll introduce the concept and need for threat modelling and indicate how it can be used for the use of product development cybersecurity and more in particular generations and developments of SBOMs.

Target Audience:

This interactive workshop is specifically crafted for a broad range of professionals in the cybersecurity sphere, including security engineers, software developers, system architects, IT personnel, and management. It caters to both novices seeking a solid foundation in threat modelling and seasoned practitioners aiming to enhance their expertise. The curriculum is designed to be accessible and beneficial to all levels of experience, promoting a deeper understanding and implementation of threat modelling practices.

What you will learn:

The Workshop on Threat Modelling dives deep into the core principles and methodologies of threat modelling, focusing on the identification, assessment, and mitigation of security threats in software systems and networks. Participants will explore a variety of topics, including:

  • Introduction to Threat Modelling: Strategies and foundational knowledge for getting started.
  • Identifying Threats: Utilizing the STRIDE framework, exploring alternative approaches, and leveraging attack libraries.
  • Managing and Addressing Threats: In-depth understanding of threats across software, networks, cryptography, etc., evaluating trade-offs, validating mitigations, and practical toolkits.
  • Advanced Applications: Integrating threat modelling into organizational practices and engaging in case studies for real-world application.

What you’ll get out of it:

Attendees will emerge from the workshop with a comprehensive grasp of threat modelling principles, equipped to identify, assess, and mitigate potential security threats effectively. The hands-on approach will enable participants to apply these techniques in their professional roles, significantly improving the security of their projects. Moreover, the workshop fosters a collaborative learning environment, encouraging the exchange of insights and experiences to collectively advance security practices.

What the Workshop is not:

Unlike conventional security workshops focused on exploiting vulnerabilities, this workshop emphasizes proactive defence strategies. Understanding the landscape of potential attacks is crucial, but knowing how to prevent these attacks by integrating security measures from the outset is paramount. Participants will learn not just to react to threats, but to anticipate and neutralize them, ensuring a robust defence against potential security challenges.

Join us for this comprehensive workshop on Threat Modelling and take a significant step towards enhancing the cybersecurity posture of your projects and organization.



Introduction to Threat Modeling

Hands-On Learning Sessions

Deep Dive into Threat Modeling Methodologies

Closing Remarks and Q&A


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*The workshop will be free to attend upon prior registration AND attendance on site. No show will be invoiced at the price of 450 EUR per person excl VAT.

**Part of the session will be recorded as a webinar and will be made available through the website.

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September 5
9:30 am - 5:30 pm
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