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Cloud native nuggets: AI for cyber security, encryption-at-rest, self-service Kubernetes clusters

March 28, 2023 @ 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Join the webinar (series) by registering via Zoom for the OpenCloudification activities.


10:00 – 10:10: Introduction

10:10 – 10:40: Zero trust encryption-at-rest on Kubernetes with Rook and Vault

  • Explains how to deploy a fully-managed Ceph storage cluster on Kubernetes using Rook
  • Explains the role of Vault as an open source Key Management System
  • Explains the three types of Encryption Ceph supports. Which ones support crypto agility and examples of how to deploy them on k8s (Cluster-wide encryption, Microservice-specific encryption, Object-specific encryption)
  • Uses this as an example to show how Kubernetes Operators make the work of system administrators easier by encapsulating operational knowledge in a reusable manner.

10:40 – 11:10: Running AI on Kubernetes: Anomaly detection, ML for security and NLP

  • Learn about the benefits of using AI for CyberSecurity with OpenCloud tools.
  • Discover how to deploy and run AI/ML workloads on Kubernetes by Tengu Labs, with multiple frameworks.
  • Understand the value of AI workloads for CyberSecurity in the Cloud with simple demonstrators like Anomaly Detection solutions and Natural Language Processing integrations.

11:10 – 11:50: Giving developers self-service Kubernetes clusters using ClusterAPI and ArgoCD

  • We describe how Tengu Labs works in the back end. It’s a self-service portal where developers can deploy fully managed Kubernetes clusters.
  • We explain how we use ArgoCD to automate operational tasks on Kubernetes. This can be used as a backend for self-service portals inside companies.
  • We explain how we use ClusterAPI to get fully managed Kubernetes clusters on a private cloud running VMware. This is open-source software developed by VMware themselves that is the backend of their VMware Tanzu offering (commercial fully managed k8s clusters).
  • We explain a tiny bit about how this testbed integrates with the Fed4FIRE+ federation to make it easy for students, companies and other research institutes to use each other’s testbed infrastructure.

11:50 – 12:00: Discussion

Key Learnings

  • Benefits of AI for cybersecurity
  • Running AI in the cloud using Kubernetes
  • Developing intrusion detection and chatbox systems using AI
  • Ensuring encryption-at-rest in a cloud-native environment
  • Support self-service Kubernetes clusters in hybrid cloud
  • Automating cloud-native operations using ArgoCD

Additional Information

Get started exploring AI capabilities for cybersecurity in hybrid clouds on Tuesday, March 28th during our upcoming OpenCloudification webinar, as part of the series.

The use of open-source AI technology is very beneficial for both technology providers and any enterprise companies looking to improve their Cybersecurity challenges.

We provide key lessons learned from LSEC’s CSAI project and imec’s IDLab testbed infrastructure. We showcase how to use AI for cybersecurity on Kubernetes, explain how to get started with encryption-at-rest for cloud-native applications, and dive deep into how to support self-service fully managed Kubernetes clusters using open-source software.

Join the webinar (series) by registering via Zoom for the OpenCloudification activities.

Register also for our next face-to-face meeting on April 18th about solving cloud-edge issues.


OpenCloudification is a joint initiative by LSEC, imec IDlab, Ghent University and The Beacon, with the support of VLAIO.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have specific plans or if you’re considering starting with cloud or open-cloud technologies.


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