European Financial and Coaching Support to SMEs (FSTP)

LSEC supports existing and new ideas on how to deal with ICT – OT- / cyber security challenges. LSEC develops industrial collaborations; creates programs, supports industry initiatives that unite security stakeholders and participates in research projects funded by the European Commission, Member States, Regions and other stakeholders.



SecurIT is a European project aiming at supporting and co-financing the development of collaborative projects allowing prototyping and experimentation of top-notch technological solutions in the field of Security, with respect of the nowadays ethics, legal, and social challenges.

The project is structured in three major axes:

  • Demand analyses (new use cases identification) on the Security market, with integrators and final users (including industrial players, public authorities, managers of critical infrastructures…)
  • Identification of technological solutions in Europe (solutions and services for digital and physical security)
  • Matchmaking activities will be proposed by the European clusters of the project consortium, including SCS, to facilitate the consortium building for the applications to the 2 Open Calls for Projects that will be launched by SecurIT.

SecurIT will support 63 best-in-class projects developped by 126 SMEs across Europe, through 2 cascade funding open calls, with a financing up to 74 k€ per prototyping projects and 88 k€ per demonstrator projects.

For more information about SecurIT, please visit :

To apply for SecurIT Open Call 2, please visit : 

For more information on both call, participate in the webinars on January 16th, January 30th or reach us on one of the up and coming events such as the IoT & CyberSecurity forum in Barcelona.

  • First Open Call for projects: From January 25th at 1pm CET, to April 26th 5pm CET, 2022.
  • Second Open Call for projects: From January 10th to March 14th, 2023

Webinar by LSEC on the second open call launch (January 16th, 2023):

Webinar by LSEC on the first open call launch (December 13th, 2021):