LSEC and partners AXS-Guard (ABLE),, SpotIT, VUB AI Lab, KU Leuven COSIC and Distrinet on AI for CyberSecurity

On March 1st 2021,  LSEC – Leaders In Security and its Industrial Partners AXS-Guard (ABLE), and SpotIT in addition to its Research partners VUB AI Lab, KU Leuven COSIC and Distrinet started a two-year CyberSecurity ICON (CS-ICON) project supported by the Flanders region through the Flemish support and innovation agency VLAIO thanks to the Flemish Community and the CyberSecurity innovation policy of the Flemish government in Belgium. 

AI Closes the Skills Gap in Cybersecurity

The research and innovation project aims to progress beyond the State of the Art utilising AI techniques for CyberSecurity and identifying CyberSecurity challenges with AI. 

AXS-Guard ( and enhances CyberSecurity solutions specifically designed to provide secure site-to-site connections, personalised remote access, strong authentication and is the first line of defence against malware and other cyberattacks. The company will utilise AI-technologies to improve its operations, its products and services. 
SpotIT ( keeps your network in top condition and helps you protect it against the constant threat of cyber attacks. With a strategic plan, practical solutions and a human approach is how they put security & network strategy on the right track. SpotIT will utilize AI-technologies to further improve its detection capabilities, to further improve and support the analysis capabilities and efficiency of the  security operations (SOC) teams. ( focuses on data protection and security compliance, with the application that serves Data Protection Offices (DPO) and Information Security teams in maintaining their day to day operations. With AI-capabilities of natural language processing (NLP) and automated information analysis, aims to support its customers in providing more relevant, faster and insightful intelligence to stay up to date with their compliance objectives. 

Partners KU Leuven COSIC and Distrinet provide additional insights in the cybersecurity challenges related to AI, and how to further optimize the processes. Specific insights on malicious use of AI will be investigated on top of the direct support to the industrial partners. Partner VUB AI-lab additionally supports the project and partners in the understanding and further enhancement of AI-capabilities and technologies. 

Finally, LSEC will further investigate the capabilities of current cloud AI-platforms (AIOps, SaaS-AI, … ) and their usefullness, impact, cost for CyberSecurity technology companies and CyberSecurity technology users. 

Cooperation among industry, governmental organisations and knowledge institutions is required to stimulate collaboration, facilitate co-investment in key facilities, establish contact with end users, steer innovations towards the user’s needs and enable the valorisation of research. LSEC will continue to support the innovative European CyberSecurity companies direct with funding, advisory and goto-market insights; working closely with its 670+ industrial strategic members and its end-user industry relations of over 15.000 enterprise and government organisations. LSEC will continue challenging and inspiring both toward the future industrial cybersecurity and privacy requirement, throughout all vertical sectors including finance, insurance, transport, media, manufacturing, ict, logistics, food, pharma, petrochemical, automotive, education, health, government, …  

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A number of public awareness activities have been organized together with IBM, Google, and many others to expand these experiences to a wider industry. Some of them had been recorded and can be found in the Webinars section related to CSAI.

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For more information, please contact csai at; or the LSEC CSAI innovations team at +32 16 79 8585.