LSEC International Partners and Affiliates

LSEC is constantly exploring collaboration opportunities with other markets and international expertise.
Most of the LSEC activities are taking place in Belgium, hence our specific relations both to the community of companies specialized in Information Security products and services and to the people and communities from many companies of experts working in a variety of vertical markets such as Finance, Telecom, ICT, Government, Media, Healthcare, Industry, Pharma, … Collectively LSEC reaches out on a frequent basis to almost 4000 individuals, with a specific interest in Information Security.

Besides all of our local activities, LSEC and its Expert Members are frequently present at events of our international partners, and reversely. We have established a mutual exchange of Experts and expertise on a number of topics which are of interest to our specific communities. There are participants of seminars, conferences, workshops, working groups and special interest groups from all Members across the different communities, being either more on a regional, or on a thematic level.

Hereby a short overview of some of the international partners :

Global – Global EPIC Partnership

Global EPIC is a non-profit international collaboration amongst CyberSecurity expert clusters from the US, Canada, the Netherlands, UK, France, Estonia, Finland, Ireland, Kenia, Taiwan, Spain, Poland, Japan, Israel, and many more.

With like-minded partners and organisations, Global EPIC strives towards exchanging expertise, experiences, joint events and support to their respective Member communities.

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ECSO – European Cyber Security Organisation

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CSA – Cloud Security Alliance

LSEC is the operational and strategic partner for over a decade to the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), a US-orginated and based, global organisation of Cloud Security experts and partners. LSEC operates the CSA-BeLux chapter (Belgium – Luxemburg) and organises multiple events and activities on the developments of cloud, cloud technologies and security of the cloud.

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