LSEC International Partners and Affiliates

About the Members of the Board and the Committees

The following people are daily working very hard improving LSEC, the security market in Belgium and Europe in general and some of our events and activities.
If you would like to support us in our mission and/or our activities, please feel free to contact us and indicate your interest and desired contributions.

the LSEC Board of Directors

Non-Executive Chairman of the Board : Dr. Prof. Bart Preneel, head of COSIC Research Group

foto_bart.jpgBart Preneel received the Electrical Engineering degree and the Doctorate in Applied Sciences in 1987 and 1993 respectively, both from the K.U.Leuven (Belgium). He is currently full professor at the K.U.Leuven. He has been visiting professor at the Technical University of Denmark (2007), T.U.Graz in Austria (1997-2006), University of Bergen in Norway (1997-2001), Ruhr-Universität in Bochum (Germany) (2001-2002) and at the University of Ghent (1994-2002). He is a scientific advisor of Philips Research (the Netherlands). During the academic year 1993-1994, he was a research fellow of the EECS Department of the University of California at Berkeley. His main research interests are cryptology and applied information security.

Bart’s Motivation : LSEC is an excellent way for COSIC and Bart to be connected to the industry of IT security. Interested in innovative developments and research projects through LSEC. Bart’s Contribution : Providing his wide range of contacts and relations to the benefit of LSEC, As expert in the field of Informatoin security, he is a true asset to LSEC on an international level for his strategic advise, link into the academic research and capable of providing resources for special projects.


Ulrich Seldeslachts is CEO of LSEC

foto_ulirch.jpgUlrich joined LSEC late 2006, to support the organization in its future growth strategy. Prior to LSEC, he has started the European branch of Clearwire the North-American WiMAX operator, founded by Craig Mc Caw. Ulrich was responsible for the development of 7 broadband wireless operations throughout Europe. Ulrich has an experience in business and corporate development, and company innovation. He led the Venture Capital company of the Belgian incumbent telecoms operator between 1998 and 2003. He aims to use his experiences to solidify the further growth of Information Security business throughout Europe. Belgium is worldwide recognized for its teams of experts in Information Security because of technologies such as eID and AES-Rijndael.


Member of the Board  : Bart Steukers, Director, Agoria ICT

Bart has a longstanding experience in international business as well as a solid background in the digital services industry. He has held key international positions at IBM and Unisys and is equally active as Climate Reality Leader (Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project). Bart leverages his expertise in entrepreneurship also actively within the Business Angels Network Vlaanderen. He has a natural interest in all dimensions related to creating and managing teams/business in multicultural and multidisciplinary environments. He is currently active within Agoria as Director Industries and Markets.

Member of the Board : NTT Security – formerly Dimension Data, represented by Dries Hauspie, Security Director Europe

Dries is Business Development Manager Security at NTT,  with specialties in complete security life cycle solutions tailored to  clients’ needs. Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP), NTT Security and/or via partnerships. Firewall, IPS, VPN, Web&e-mail filtering, NGFW, Strong Auth, Anti-Malware, SIEM, Cloud Security… He has over 10 years security experience from engineer role over consultant and presales roles to current BDM role: architecting, implementing, assessing, proposing… top security solutions.  Experience with Cisco, Check Point, Fortinet, Palo Alto, Symantec, Pulse Secure and many, many more… 

Member of the Board : BDO Digital – formerly Crossroad Consulting nv, represented by Luc Dooms

Luc Dooms was co-founder and CEO of C-CURE, an independant Belgian company specialized in information security and analysis. Luc graduated in 1985 as a master in physics (University of Antwerp), before becoming an assistant theoretical physics at the Katholieke Universiteit of Louvain. He continued his career in the financial world, he started developing bank applications for the “artificial intelligence” group at Kredietbank. In 1989 he joined BIM, a very innovative ICT enterprise, where he soon gets in touch with information security in its earliest form. While working at BIM, he returned to university. He studied computer sciences at the Vrije Universiteit of Brussels where he got his degree in 1993. Between 1994 and 1996 Luc worked as a freelance account manager for different companies. He continues to specialize in security. In 1998 he co-founds C-CURE, and leads it from an innovative start-up to a notorious, trusted and reliable security partner on the Belgian market. In June 2010, C-CURE was acquired by Telenet and was merged and integrated into the Telenet Solutions Division. At the end of 2011 this integration process came to an end and this gives Luc now the opportunity to re-direct his professional life. After a few years sabbatical, Luc reenters in the industry and uses his expertise in boards, start-ups and committees. Today he is essentially linked to BDO Digital (ex-Crossroad) where he explores how to apply the newest technologies in business and to LSEC, a not for profit organization promoting Information Security expertise in BeNeLux and Europe.

Member of the Board : AllThingsTalk nv, represented by Rudi Wynen, Regional Sales Manager

Rudi joined Palo Alto Networks in May 2010 and brings almost 10 years of industry experience to the company. As Country Manager, he has overall responsibility for driving the business in the Benelux region. Previously, Rudi held strategic sales roles at Juniper Networks, including responsibility for Global Finance Accounts that he helped growing in a very successful way. Prior to joining Juniper Networks in April of 2006, he spent over 3 years as a Key Account Manager for UUNET/Verizon Business. An internationally recognized sales manager on information security, Rudi has consulted and helped with 50+ large IT organizations and has spoken before a variety of audiences. As a result Rudi has a very close and intense contact with Senior Management of Industry Flagships. Before UUNET, Rudi managed teams specialized in Employee Benefits Insurances at Royale Belge. (now AXA) Rudi holds a Master in Physiotherapy from Antwerp University. Motivation : first of all to help and support LSEC to further grow. Secondly to better understand and connect with the academic world of IT security. And last but not least to promote and interconnect with the business Executives and to make sure that IT security becomes one of their top priorities that enables and rewards their business decisions.

Member of the Board : Mohan de Silva, partner UM Labs

Mohan is a seasoned 36 Years experience in the ICT and IT Security industry and one of the early adopters and promoters of the Internet Technology and subsequent need for Network & B2B Internet Security solutions. He had an early career with AES, Canadian IT Start-Up Company based in Montreal, Canada. AES was the very first screen-based Word Processing system launched on the market.  Worked at  Philips International, The Netherlands – International Marketing Manager in cooperation with the Operating companies in Asia, Europe & USA to promote and support the merger of the two Product Division’s ICT integrated solutions for Data & Telecommunications. In 1994 Co-founder of European Value Added Distributor Company and was personally responsible for operations in the Benelux plus Germany. As well as BorderWare Technologies Europe and managed the Benelux & DACH Countries with Sales & Support offices in Brussels, Belgium and Weinheim, Germany. Developed 2 Tier Distribution Channels, in many cases as the first European Distributor for next generation technology security solutions; e.g.BorderWare Firewall and Mxtreme / Firewall and Email Security Gateway / Trend Micro / Websense / SnapGear / Netscreen / Packeteer / iPass / WinINSTALL. In 1994 he co-founded MMS-Secure a Value Added Distributor for leading edge Network & Internet B2B Security solutions in the Benelux. 

Member of the Board : Erwin Geirnaert, Shift Left Securirty Founder Zion Security

Co-founder and Chief Application Security Architect at Shift Left Security, a start-up specialised in securing your applications in the cloud.We provide solutions to continuously monitor the overall security posture of your application, provide assistance on how to solve and mitigate vulnerabilities and help to become compliant. His expertise includes application risk assessments, penetration testing, code review, cloud SIEM, full-stack visibility of vulnerabilities, security awareness, secure coding, secure development, DevSecOps, security training, monthly security office, … Former Co-founder and Chief Hacking Officer at ZIONSECURITY, the European application security company.  Erwin is a excellent security awareness provider and an expert speaker and in  security tests aka penetration testing of web applications, mobile apps, APIs and thick client applications. He has experience in architecting secure e-business projects for banks, web agencies and software companies, recognized application security expert and speaker at international events like Javapolis, LSEC, OWASP, Eurostar, Infosecurity, …  Erwin performs training, application architecture, audit, security, application security, network security, incident response, IDS, windows security, penetration testing, mobile app testing

Member of the Board : Eddy Willems, G Data

Eddy Willems (1962) is a malware expert from Belgium. He is a board member of AMTSO, EICAR and the resident Security Evangelist and Global Security Officer at G Data Software. He studied Computer Sciences at IHB and VUB and started working as a Systems Analyst in 1984. In 1989 he first became interested in viruses. In 1991 he became a founding member of EICAR, one of Europe’s first IT security organisations. Since 1995 Willems has been a participant in the Wildlist, the world’s premier source of information on viruses in the wild. He’s the author of the “Virus” article the Microsoft Encarta encyclopaedia. Since 1996, he is active as an anti-malware technology expert in the security industry and has been working for other security companies like Kaspersky Lab.
In this role, he gives consultancies, presentations and seminars all over the world. Several CERTs, press agencies and publications use his advice regularly. He has been interviewed and cited in over 5.000 media articles (print, online and broadcast) worldwide. In October of 2013, he published his first book in Belgium and the Netherlands, titled ‘Cyberdanger’ (Cybergevaar).

Member of the Board : Kristof Vanderstraeten, Director Business Development Public Cloud EMEA, Fortinet – formerly Director Barracuda Networks 

Kristof joined the LSEC board in 2018, after having been active for many years as a Member to LSEC. With his extensive international expertise and operational experience in working at large international security organisations, Kirstof wanted to contribute to the further development of the association and the market in Belgium and Europe. The Fortinet Public Cloud Security Solution. Cloud computing provides elastic and scalable infrastructure for applications, storage, and data that changes the way the world does business. In public clouds, infrastructure is offloaded to cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure, while security becomes a shared responsibility between the cloud service provider (CSP) and the enterprise tenant. Fortinet enables secure workloads in public clouds to ensure privacy and confidentiality while leveraging the cloud benefits of scalability, metering, and time-to-market.

Honary Members of the Board of Directos

During the many years, LSEC has been able to get the support and assistance of many respectable Industry and Academic leaders. The following people will continue to be honored for their past (and present) contributions to LSEC. The LSEC members and the team are gratefull for their support, expert advise and belief in the organization and capabilities of the association. 


Johan Hermans, CEO CSI-Tools

Jean-Luc Delvaux, international security solutions manager Proximus, formerly Telindus

Carlo Schupp, former Managing Partner Mia-Guard, Vinti-Q, Deloitte Belgium and Cybertrust – Ubizen

Stefaan Hinderyckx, Security Director Europe, NTT Security formerly Dimension Data

Dr. Marijke De Soete, Managing Director Security4Biz 

Chris Van den Abeele, Security Solutions Trend Micro, formerly ATOS and Novell Belgium

Hugo Vanderveeken, Security Director ATOS Worldline

Baudouin Corluy, Director ICT, Agoria ICT

Patrick Slaets, Economical Advisor, Agoria ICT

Erwin Roels, Verizon Business

Bart Vansevenant, formerly Terremark, Verizon Business – Cybertrust – Ubizen

Should you be interested in participating to the activities of LSEC, as an Expert Member or as an Individual or Enterprise, we are welcoming your thoughts and contirbutions.