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Bringing together expertise of hundreds of CyberSecurity technologies, advisory and Academic institutions

LSEC as a non-profit organisation represents hundreds of member companies and their respective cybersecurity solutions. We provide access to a preselected series of technologies through specific programs, while welcoming innovation and supporting the use of innovative technologies improving CyberSecurity and cybersecurity technologies.  

Open Cloud Technologies for Cyber Security Innovators 


Developments in Manufacturing and Industrial CyberSecurity 


CyberSecurity for AI and applying AI for CyberSecurity

Market Research, Analysis, Advisory, Growth, Private Equity

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Security by Design using NoCode – LowCode development platform NOCODE-X

“Thanks to LSEC we have been able to participate in the SecurIT Open Call project and funding program, found partner Wallix and are being enabled to demonstrate our NoCode – LowCode development environment to a series of applications requiring security by design principles”

Tristan Van Poucke, CTO


Latest Activities

Some of our more recent webinars and activities. 

The SecurIT activities 

OpenCloudification activities

Supply Chain Security

CSAI – AI in CyberSecurity

Digital Manufacturing Security

Our services offerings

Our services are related to support of the CyberSecurity at large. We don’t offer CyberSecurity solutions or services ourselves, unless from an innovative, market testing, proof of concept, test before invest, market trial or related perspective. Our members and partners offer professional CyberSecurity solutions and services.

Seminars, Conferences, Working Groups, Webinars, … 

LSEC organizes, supports and developed awareness, networking and knowledge transfer activities in order to facilitate CyberSecurity maturity development with corporate end users and CyberSecurity partners. Reach out to us to help us contribute or team up to ensure innovative messages come accross.

Innovation Driver, Catalyst of new technologies and approaches 

LSEC aims to support both its CyberSecurity industry technology and services provider partners and CyberSecurity user organisations with the use of new technologies (MPC, FHE, Virtualisation, Quantum, …), developing technologies newly to be adopted (AI, Cloud, IoT, …) and new processes and methods. 

Our expertise: prevent, detect, mitigate, … by design, cross vertical. 

LSEC combines the expertise of its Members in the domains of prevention, detection, respond, protect, mitigate and analyse in all aspects of Cyberchallenges, focusing on a by design approach, but providing solutions and services in various complementary technologies,  applications and interests. 

Meet the LSEC team and members

Every week, LSEC and partners organise actions and activities around the globe. Meet us during a next event, or even better: actively contribute to our various public events, conferences, seminars, workshops, working groups, focus groups, industry interest groups, communities or partners events. 

Latest news and developments

On periodical basis we inform about our latest developments, the developments of our members and partners, relevant developments in the CyberSecurity industry and market, important activities and activities and other news and insights. 

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