Expert members of LSEC are vendors, consultancies and technology companies operating in the areas of IT- and information security and ICT. The LSEC platform helps them to stay at the forefront of innovation, understand end user needs, reach out to prospective clients, connect with European networks, create visibility for their innovations, and benefit from local and international research and research opportunities. Expert members also benefit from LSEC’s support for training & awareness activities, and ensure that their employees on top of their game. With a broad membership base of over 135+ expert members, and more than 8000 individual Information security professionals, LSEC accesses over 25.000 security stakeholders on a regular basis. LSEC organizes 70+ major security events on an annual basis, where we will invite speakers from our expert members to discuss specific topics that are of interest to the community.

Join our growing network today. Individual Membership is free of charge and will provide you with access to the restricted area of our website and most of our security events and seminars! We will send you more information about the other types of organization – membership to evaluate.

CyberSecurity Companies with their headquarters in Europe can consider applying for the CyberSecurity Made In Europe quality label, developed by ECSO (European Cyber Security Organisation) together with LSEC and various partners, and provided by LSEC.

Visit our Labeling pages at CyberSecurity Made In Europe for more information and application forms.