LSEC is mainly oriented towards professional audiences. We work with many individuals and have a lot of expertise to offer to personal CyberSecurity challenges, but our focus is towards enterprise and government end users, business-to-business.

We work together with partners and stakeholders from different backgrounds, and have an offering for the following :

Academia and Research organisations (private and public)

Associations, non-profits, clusters, trade, social profit, lobby and other industry and consumer organisations

Public authorities, policy makers, government agencies, intelligence services, CERTs, certification authorities, law enforcement, police, justice and related organisations

Micro-enterprises, Small and Medium companies (SME), large enterprises, sector federations and clusters of companies, ISACs and related organisations

Our sector focus comprises of :

  1. finance
  2. manufacturing & industry, automotive, process, food,
  3. energy, water, utilities
  4. retail & commerce, e-commerce
  5. ict, telecom, data centers
  6. logistics, transport, rail, maritime, travel support
  7. media, tv, social media, digital media
  8. gaming, online interactive media