LSEC supporting use of Open Cloud Technologies with IMEC IDlab and The Beacon

With OpenCloudification, partners LSEC, IMEC ID Lab and The Beacon want to lower those thresholds and guide technology companies to consider the various, even more advanced, possibilities within cloud computing (e.g. serverless, containerisation, microservices, monitoring, security, etc.), to let them build and deploy a cost-efficient, scalable, secure and high-performance set of services for the cloud.

The Cloud encompasses a range of technologies that allow companies and users to quickly start and stop new services, easily and automatically scale up or scale down. It also provides resilience and continuity, but “The Cloud” remains an entity managed by others, which creates questions and challenges regarding security and data governance. Because it is managed by different infrastructure providers, our businesses and our overall economy are highly dependent on it.

For more information and the complete information follow the OpenCloudification articles and website. 

About IMEC IDLab and The Beacon

For more information on the LSEC contributions to the project and to stay connected over its result, please visit the LSEC  OpenCloudification website.  


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