On May  5th 2021,  VOKA and Flemish Minister of Innovation Hilde Crevits announced the launch of Digihub to support Flemish companies to start using innovative technologies.

The partners will be able to finance the support and provide the support for first level analysis, that can help taking the first steps in the digitalization process. 

Focused on CyberSecurity and Digital Industrial Transformation, LSEC will provide access to technologies, access to advisory services (to help decide the best approaches), test some supported products and technologies and be supported in the further deployments. The final purchase, installation and industrial deployment likely will need to be financed by the company itself – but that will depend on the situation. 

Some examples include, but are not limited to assessment and support in: 

– personal data and impact on data protection regulation (GDPR / AVG)

– discovery of assets in terms of devices, networks, and getting to a first level of  CyberSecurity risks and governance

– assessment and support in defining use cases for digital transformation for industry such as predictive maintenance, condition based maintenance using Industrial IoT technologies. 

– … 

Hereby some more information in Flemish from VOKA. 

VOKA Digihub 20210525
Combi totaal



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