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The N-IAS Series are part of the LSEC CyberSecurity Experts from Home Webinar activities have been created to support our Cybersecurity communities of experts and our manufacturing, operators of essential services such as transport, healthcare and logistics, and other industrial relations specifically to learn about ongoing evolutions of challenges to protect our connected manufacturing systems, industrial control systems and industrial automation. The scheduled annual N-IAS event has been transposed into & series of Webinars continuing on a weekly basis. 

Registrations : Industrial Automation Security & Industrial Control Security continued : *

Previous Sessions :

  • CyberSecurity Pathways – future manufacturing digital platforms developments impacting CyberSecurity and CyberSecurity evolutions impacting Digital Manufacturing 
  • Industrial CyberSecurity Standards and Certifications : Securing Internet Connected Devices and Hardening Industrial Systems –  NIS and Industrial Automation Security – Manufacturing CyberSecurity 

The Cybersecurity workshop took place on the 20 January 2020 and has been organised in association with ConnectedFactories 2.

The online workshop has provided an insight into the recent developments of projects that focus on cybersecurity in manufacturing: SeCoIIA and COLLABS project and into how cybersecurity aspects are addressed in other projects that focus on the digitalisation of manufacturing and the deployment of digital platforms (see ).

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In addition, the workshop has provided an insight into European and international industrial cybersecurity standard (including de‐facto) developments.

For Detailsrmation, have a look at the presentation on CyberSecurity Related Standards by Ulrich Seldeslachts, LSEC (recording & presentation) from the recent ConnectedFactories Webinar on Standards for digital manufacturing (October 20th, 2020).

Recordings and Presentations of this webinar can be found online. 

Session 10 :  December 17 & 18th : CyberSecurity for Robotics Conference 2020

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December 17 – 18th, 14 -18.00h CET : CyberSecurity for Robotics Conference 2020, Cross Atlantic Community Building, connecting US and EU-based industrial and robotics cybersecurity experts.

Following up from CSfR last year, this year’s CyberSecurity for Robotics Conference will focus on bringing together experts from different countries, different stakeholders and multiple domains discussion challenges and opportunities in CyberSecurity in a fast moving domain of industrialization, automation increasingly using internet technologies, artificial intelligence in a sometimes uncontrollable way. CSfR 2020 brings together experts on Industrial CyberSecurity, looks into shared responsibilities from manufacturers up to operators, potential solutions and considerations towards the future.

More information can be found on :

Session 9 : October 20th – Industrial CyberSecurity Standards – part of the Connected Factories 2 project Standards series 

The webinar on Standards for digital manufacturing has been organised in association with the ConnectedFactories Coordination and Support Action on Tuesday 20 October 2020.

The Webinar focused on use cases and best practices that illustrate how standards are used in research & innovation in digital manufacturing. Special attention has been dedicated to the added value as well as gaps and needs.

Please find the presentations and the recordings here.

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Session 8 : Industrial Cybersecurity Network Security and Devices :  A security-ready IT inventory, Maarten Saeys, Lansweeper

In some of our previous sessions indicated by Peter-Jan, Dieter, Vincent, Tijl and Ragnar, one of the most important aspects of industrial cybersecurity is to know your assets. That ofcourse doesn’t only apply to industrial cybersecurity, but to any environment. While this sounds obvious, the reality is mostly far away from this objective. Both from a risk management perspective and from a vulnerability management consideration, it is naturally a requirement to understand what needs to be cybersecured. Ask yourself whether you are certain that throughout the corporate and industrial network you know which devices, equipment, machinery, IoT and workstations are connected. Have you been able to map those devices, and do you know how to trace them. Less trivial than it seems, and usually one of the causes of cyber vulnerabilities to appear. In this webinar, Lansweeper presents how it detects and what other benefits asset discovery and asset management can bring, from use cases from its thousands of customers around the globe. In this and some of the following webinars we’ll investigate how to be able to cope with contiuously expanding and changing networks, systems and architectures and how to securely manage these assets. 

Know what you have because you can’t secure what you can’t see. Sounds simple enough, but is it, though? Whether you’re asking SANS, ISO, CIS, NIST, or any other organization that publishes advisories on cybersecurity, you start by building an inventory of your entire IT environment—compiling an overview of all endpoints, applications, users, and how those are connected. Physical, virtual, on-premise, cloud, cross-operating system, cross-vendor, etc. That’s no small feat. 
Often you’ll find references to other IT disciplines such as ITAM or ITSM to get on track. But what you’ll discover are processes and applications tuned to specific scenarios. Whether you chat with your Software Asset Manager, have a look in the CMDB, or a hit up a sysadmin, the answers to your questions will be incomplete, inaccurate, and vary widely depending on whom you asked. But it’s not just you, across IT disciplines and beyond, there is a common struggle to now which assets are out there, who is using them, and what’s they’re hosting.

So if there is a common challenge, why not tackle it from a centralized IT inventory platform? In this session, we’ll discuss the requirements for such an inventory and zoom in on how a common approach to a universal problem will take your security practices to the next level.

About : Maarten Saeys is Chief Product Officer at Lansweeper, being a part of Lansweeper’s growth and growing along with it. Doing whatever needed to be done in the early days from Sales, Support, and Marketing to helping with infrastructure and moving offices twice. Now leveraging years of working with customers to grow and build the product out for Enterprises, SMBs, Services-, and Technology Partners. Maarten is supporting the company from its HQ in Dendermonde, Flanders Belgium and supporting organisations from NASA and Microsoft in the US into many other parts of the world. 

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  • Session 7 : June 2nd,  Ransomware in Industrial Networks. Evolution and State of the Art, by Ralf Benzmueller, G DATA Software AG

Industrial Cybersecurity has in the last couple of years mostly been impacted by Ransomware, a form of malware that spreads in many different ways exploiting mostly known vulnerabilities in operating systems such as earlier version of Windows. Infected systems quickly get a number of pieces of software installed on them that start encrypting the hard disk and other components of the architecture where it is being connected to. Ransomware has been around already for many years, most of the vulnerable systems have been identified and reported a long time ago. Quite some awareness has been raised before and today, and still many systems are getting infected. Even those not being connected to the internet. How does this happen, how can it be prevented? A perspecive and evolutionary view of ransomwares and how to deal with them.  

About : Ralf serves as the Head of Securitylabs of G DATA Software AG. Benzmüller and his team of experts are constantly fully up to speed with what new trends and subjects are occurring in antivirus research, in close cooperation with international IT security research institutes all over the world. His remit includes the identification, analysis and assessment of new attack scenarios plus the development of new, proactive protection concepts that effectively protect users from still unknown threats on the Internet. Ralf has worked for G DATA since 1999 and has also been a guest lecturer for the IT Security course at the International School of IT Security since 2008. He is a frequent speaker at LSEC events, partner with LSEC in joint research projects and supports the Belgian G DATA team in their technical developments. 

Landscape N IAS BartAsnot Sentinels
  • Session 6 :May 26th, Industrial CyberSecurity : IoT and Industrial IoT Security Management with Azure Sentinel, Bart Asnot, Microsoft

In 2019, at the Hannover Fair in Germany Microsoft launched its Azure IoT Program updates, a promising platform including the reach to Azure IoT devices, and a wide perspective on Security. Later in the year the new Azure Sentinels platform was introduced, a platform for Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) and beyond. Both tightly integrated with Microsoft suits and for companies operating mainly Microsoft environments. But can it be a support to managing Industrial CyberSecurity? How does it integrate with other existing operational systems, can it run in the Microsoft Azure cloud while integrating securily with our internal operations? How does this architecture develop towards the future and what potential will it offer in a wider perspective in the Industrial Cybersecurity space, now Microsoft has acquired CyberX and is moving into different other industrial domain such ad Digital Manufacturing Twins. 

About : Bart joined Microsoft in 2018 coming from Symantec. Working in cybersecurity for many years, Bart has gained a lot of experience and insights on processes, technology and how to bring them together to help businesses protect themselves and help them with a secure transformation to the cloud. Within Microsoft he follows the current threat landscape from a more holistic approach, and as Security Technology Advisor, trying to present complete view on security and how to view take advanExpertisee of Microsoft Security platform for visibility, security and compliance. Bart provides a window to the developers of the online Windows. 

Session 5 : May 19th ARC Forum Europe collaboration, streaming live. CyberSecurity session at 1pm. 

Already for a number of years, ARC Europe organizes their annual forum bringing the best of developments in Industrial domains to excell. With a fantastic program during three days, the forum also had to defer to going digital. In collaboration with and LSEC, we offer our attendees access to some of its contents. You can login anytime during the day using the link above and following the instructions. 

For a complete overview of the three day program, please visit : Driving Digital Transformation in Industry 

The CyberSecurity part of the program starts at

  • 1pm with Seveso Plant’s Industrial Risk Mitigated by the Application of Functional Safety and Cybersecurity Lifecycles – Authority’s Perspective, Piergiacomo Cancelliere, National Fire Corp. (Italy), Luca Fiorentini, TECSA
  • 1:30pm – 2:00pm workshop Cybersecurity and OEE: What ROI Does Industrial Cybersecurity Deliver?, Thomas Menze and Fabian Wanke, ARC Europe
  • 2:00pm – 2:30pm OT Cybersecurity panel :  Steve Gandy, Exida; Sameer Koranne, Covestro and Klaus Mochalski, Rhebo, moderated by Thomas Menze from ARC Europe
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Session 4 : May 12th, Industrial CyberSecurity : patching and updating experiences, best practices. LSEC N-IAS from Home Series –  NIS and Industrial Automation Security – Manufacturing CyberSecurity, by Tijl Deneut – Howest. 

In the previous sessions the need for security governance from a risk perspective presented a view on the need for continuous assessment and ensuring updates for systems and production mechanisms.  The need for regular patching as identified as a major component in the approach to cybersecurity. Sometimes this requires a systematic approach, but in some cases an upfront analysis and risk assessment will be necessary. Especially since many patches have not been engineered themselves with sufficient security in mind. The principlesdffd of security by design is sometimes far away, when it comes down to the the right application of the mindsphe

About : Tijl Deneut is researcher and lecturer at Howest University College. As a Certified Ethical Hacker he performs research within the subject of Industrial Control Systems. Using his applied & technical research he provides best practices, examples, demonstrations and how-to’s of finding weak points and improvements within industrial networks..

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Session 3 : May 5th, 12 – 13.30h LSEC N-IAS from Home – NIS and Industrial Automation Security – Manufacturing CyberSecurity

  •  Industrial Cybersecurity a Vendor Perspective. Dealing with network detection and legacy, coping with innovation in production. Ragnar Schierholz, ABB Head of CyberSecurity Industrial Automation 

About : As the Head of Cyber Security for Industrial Automation, Ragnar Schierholz is responsible for all cyber security aspects in products, projects and services of ABB’s Industrial Automation business. In this role he is a member of the global Cyber Security Team at ABB. Dr. Schierholz is a recognized member of the international industrial control system security community and active in various standardization bodies on cyber security for industrial control systems.

  • Cybersecurity risk management in an industrial context: approach, best practices and methodologies. Utilising net detection, walkthroughs and common sense. Development towards ISO (and NIS) compliance by Vincent Haerinck, Toreon

About :  Vincent Haerinck is Security Manager at Toreon. As an industrial engineer, Vincent is involved in the Utilities and ICS Security teams of Toreon. He started off in 2011 as a developer for smart metering software at Elster – EnergyICT, after which he moved to PwC to perform various security consulting assignments in the Energy sector, mainly on smart metering projects. After joining Toreon in 2016, Vincent continued his involvement in the Belgian energy sector, taking on assignments in different aspects of the energy market including electrical power plants and energy suppliers.

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Part 2 : April 28st, 12 – 13.30h LSEC N-IAS from Home – NIS and Industrial Automation Security – Manufacturing CyberSecurity

  • End Point protection and network intrusion detection, during and after COVID-19, protecting against new & old threats in a challenging environment | Jan Tietze Director Security Strategy EMEA at SentinelOne

Perimeter security has been shifting over the last years: roaming users, cloud applications and rapid adoption of work from home – but especially under the current circumstances with COVID-19. Learn how endpoint security can help address challenges associated with COVID-19 lockdowns, and how it can help you manage, analyze, respond to, and remediate threats today and tomorrow after lockdown. 

About : Jan Tietze, Director Security Strategy EMEA
Jan Tietze is an experienced cyber security professional. Before joining SentinelOne as Director Strategy EMEA he was part of the Cylance EMEA team where, he has served in senior technical and management roles, most recently as CTO Germany at public cloud innovator Nordcloud (Helsinki, FI), and CTO EMEA at information management specialist AvePoint (New Jersey, US). Tietze also has a strong background in enterprise IT from senior field engineering roles for Microsoft and Whale Communications (Israel, acquired by Microsoft). He started his career in pen testing and consulting.  

  • Cybersecurity for manufacturing from Zero to Hero…how to migrate from a basic firewall to industrial grade protection | Dieter Sarrazyn, industrial cyber security expert and owner Secudea

About : Dieter Sarrazyn, Founder Secudea

Dieter has built his career in industrial environments and has gained excellent knowledge on strategic, tactical and operational level regarding security related subjects. He has worked extensively on the security within the industrial control system area including in a large electricity generation company. He deploys this expertise primarily in an Operational Technology (OT) environment, performing SCADA security assessments and securing SCADA environments. These activities are always part of a larger programme, aimed at reducing business risks. He has extensive knowledge concerning penetration testing, social engineering, infrastructure security and has the following certifications: CISSP, GCIH, GSEC, GXPN, GCIH, GSNA, CIRM and Scada Security Architect. He is also SANS Local Mentor and SANS Community Teacher. knowledge and expertise to organisations active within or having an ICS/SCADA/OT (operational technology) environment. This can be any one of the following activities within the OT field: awareness sessions/trainings, ICS Security training, (technical) security assessments, SCADA/ICS/OT security consultancy. All this to help customers to achieve a more secure SCADA/ICS/OT environment.

Part 1 : April 21st, 12 – 14.30h LSEC N-IAS from Home – NIS and Industrial Automation Security – Manufacturing CyberSecurity

Our NIS and ICS security event was planned to take place face to face, but has been reverted into two Webinars, on April 21st and April 28th.
Our scheduled topics of April 21st day include:

  • CyberSecurity in industrial systems, the challenges of industrial legacy in energy production, experiences from the field. Olivier Vandelaer, Laborelec – Engie CyberSecurity.
  • Essential services under COVID-19 are being made more resilient thanks to NIS compliance, learn how this would apply in your organisation. Peter-Jan Deltour, Phoenix Contact Belgium
  • Insights from the TRITON attack on industrial systems by Mandiant. Rob Caldwell, Senior Manager ICS/OT Security Mandiant
  • Security Challenges for Smart Factories, Dimitri Belotchkine, Trend Micro
  • Veerle Degraef & Bart Van Damme : S3 Food & innovation funding opportunities with Flanders Food

Session 1 (N-IAS part 1) 1. CyberSecurity in industrial systems, the challenges of industrial legacy in energy production, experiences from the field. Olivier Vandelaer, Laborelec – Engie CyberSecurity.

  • About : Olivier Vandelaer, Laborelec – Engie CyberSecurity, Director Cybersecurity department

Master in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from the University of Liège in 1997, joined Electrabel in 2009 as an IS Service Manager, with end-to-end responsibility for services and project delivery in areas such as extranets, intranets, business intelligence and data warehousing. Within less than three years, he was head of one of the ENGIE Group’s IS delivery centers, responsible for managing multi-geography teams, including offshoring, and setting up and overseeing critical business services applications such as revenue and contract management systems. By the beginning of 2016 Olivier had taken on the role of Head of Strategy for the Benelux business unit and, in September 2017, ENGIE Laborelec appointed him Director – Cybersecurity. 

Session 1 (N-IAS part 1) : 2 . Essential services under COVID-19 are being made more resilient thanks to NIS compliance, learn how this would apply in your organisation. Peter-Jan Deltour, Phoenix Contact Belgium

About : Peter-Jan Deltour, Phoenix Contact Belgium,Peter-Jan Deltour, Industrial Network & Security Specialist. Leading the activities for certification for Phoenix Belgium, runnig guidelines and automation projects and software develoipments following IEC 62443. 

Session 1 (N-IAS part 1) : 3. Insights from the TRITON attack on industrial systems by Mandiant. Rob Caldwell, Senior Manager ICS/OT Security Mandiant

About : Rob Caldwell, Senior Manager ICS / OT Security, Mandiant, leads Mandiant’s industrial control systems consulting practice, and has been with the company for almost five years. Previously, he was the chief security architect for GE Digital Energy Software.  

Session 1 (N-IAS part 1) : 4. Security Challenges for Smart Factories, Dimitri Belotchkine, Trend Micro

About : Dmitri Belotchkine, Trend Micro  is Certified Information Systems Security Professional with more than 20 years of IT Security experience. Dmitri joined Trend Micro Europe Solution Architecture team in 2015. The area of expertise of Dmitri is in the cyber security and threat management, ICS/SCADA, IT Security Governance, Data Protection and Security Operations. Prior to Trend Micro Dmitri lead Enterprise Security Solutions practice of Wipro in Benelux. Before Wipro Dmitri spent 12 years with Atos in different roles from a Security Engineer to a Security Manager. The highlight of Dmitri’s carrier was role a Games IT Security Manager for Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games.

Session 1 (N-IAS part 1) : 5. Veerle Degraef & Bart Van Damme : S3 Food & innovation funding opportunities with Flanders Food

Landscape IndustrialSecurity Dmitri

* the sessions will be taking place over Zoom Webinars, until further notice. LSEC has been a happy customer of Zoom and continues to trust the security improvements being taken by the company and its engineering team. We have followed the necessary security measures in the past and will continue doing so in the future to support our attendees and participants. For more security analysis reviews on Zoom, please check the NVISO Security blog.

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