Supporting community and capacity building in cybersecurity research, technology, and industry for a resilient Europe

LSEC is one of the partners developing ECCO, the project commissioned by the European Commission to structure, coordinate and promote the works of the Cybersecurity Competence Community at the European level.

Funded by the European Union, ECCO began in 2023 and over the next two years ECCO will strengthen Europe’s leadership in cybersecurity, support network and information system resilience and reliability.

ECCO will increase the global competitiveness and high standards of the EU’s cybersecurity industry to retain and develop cybersecurity technological and industrial capacities.

Led by ECSO (The European Cybersecurity Organisation) ECCO is also backed by a pan-European consortium made up of 12 cybersecurity stakeholders & experts from the public and private sectors.

LSEC’s contribution will be mainly to lead the part of the analysis; but will contribute and support the other activities.

Analyse the European Cybersecurity competence community

  • Identifying and connecting key community stakeholders
  • Analysing national, regional and European public and private investments
  • Building an EU market observatory to provide intelligence, trends and outlooks
  • Boosting products and services through the first EU Cybersecurity Marketplace
  • Mapping and clustering EU research projects with the EU Project Radar

Drive alignment and collaboration in the cybersecurity ecosystem

  • Mobilising and establishing collaboration between cybersecurity communities
  • Promoting innovation through matchmaking and industrial partnering events
  • Facilitating market uptake of research results
  • Delivering cybersecurity information days to promote opportunities in research
  • Improving education, training and gender balance in cybersecurity community

Connect the Cybersecurity Community to the European and National Cybersecurity Competence Centres

  • Developing strategies of collaboration & cooperation across Europe
  • Establishing working groups to address cybersecurity priorities
  • Supporting the ECCC’s Strategic Advisory Group
  • Enhancing the online presence of National Cybersecurity Centres (NCCs) and the Cybersecurity Atlas
  • Delivering networking and knowledge sharing events across Europe

This project is set to run between January 2023 and December 2025.

Other partners include :