In January 2021, LSEC together with its partners from VOKA, Flanders Make, Sirris, Howest, PXL and VUB teamed up to support the digitization of Flemish SME’s. For LSEC, mainly  oriented in Flemish Brabant, but active allover Belgium and in Flanders this includes the support in the form of advisory and tooling to cybersecure digital transformations.  

VOKA Digihub 20210525


Supported by EFRO and The Flemish Agency for Innovation and Entrepeneurship VLAIO, Digihub supports Flemish SMEs wishing to digitally transform, but facing the challenge on how and what’s. 

The  Digihub is available for Flemish SMEs (KMO’s) with questions on the integration of digital solutions and searching for advisory, guidance and test capabilities and facilities. 

LSEC supports the digital transformation concepts and advisory, mainly from a digital security perspective – but taking into consideration the available tooling offered by its membership and its experiences in the digital transformation of manufacturing and industry from its, Connected Factories and TRINITY-activities. LSEC will revert to its partners in the Digihub for additional digitization challenges.

Thanks to the Digihub, companies can get access to the existing testing infrastructure of one of the 28 knowledge partners throughout Flanders. This way (new) products and services can be tested in realistic environments. For LSEC this can be on site: implementing

1) asset assessment and mapping 

2) installation of monitoring, network and endpoint protection mechanisms and assessment of data

3) installation, guidance and configuration of jump stations and additional security hardening tools

4) integration and cooperation with managed security services providers (MSSPs)

5) hardening and digital security maturity improment plan

For testing the Digihub needs to be funded only 30% of the total cost. The additional 70% will be covered by EFRO and VLAIO. 

Digihub is also complemlentary to the LSEC activities which are part of the DIGITALIS European Digital Innovation Hub activities. 

If you’re looking for a partner helping in the first (guidance and planing), second (proof of concept, test before invest) or implemenation of digitalization in your company, please reach out to digihub @ or call us on +32 16 798585 asking for Digihub-support with Ulrich, Luca, Hadewijch, Wim, Daniel or others from our team. 

Our team of digital experts from LSEC and its members, and partners will be there to guide you to take the necessary next steps, otherwise we’ll guide you to one of our 27 partners in Flanders for the best advice and guidance, with our support.


LSEC will publish some of its works on the dedicated (our Industry4.0 – digitalization for industry activities), factorysense (our test before invest industrial sensors offerings), our TRINITY results or DIGITALIS – websites. 

 For more information, contact us at digihub at, or call directly at +32 16 79 8585. 

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Are you planning or developing an innovative security innovation project and looking for partners to assist you, to build the project, or to support the project, as experts, end users or government interests? Feel free to reach out to LSEC. More than 800 companies are connected, and can be contacted through the network